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February 15, 2024
Every year, alcohol beverage companies produce mountains of digital marketing materials like tech sheet PDFs, shelf talkers, label images, and bottle images. These collections continue to grow as new products and vintages come to market. What if you could use this data for data entry, marketing, and compliance?
At TippleTech, we use the nontechnical but vivid term ‘data locked-uppedness’ to refer to the fact that valuable information is contained within static resources such as images and PDFs but few can and do take advantage of it. Tippletech can unlock this data by extracting it and formatting it according to client requirements.

Product images can contain a lot of data

Front and back bottle label images contain a host of product data - the brand, geographical origin, and alcohol type. They can also contain important compliance information like alcohol percentage, or ABV.
Every tier of the industry - producers, importers, distributors, retailers, and even consumers - communicates brand and item information differently even for the same product. This can result in product confusion, ordering, and reporting errors. The only constant is an item's label.

Get data from your PDFs

Portable Document Formats, or PDFs, are an excellent source of data. Alcohol beverage companies use PDFs for tech sheets, purchase orders, invoices, and others. Most are created to be passed between people as unalterable documents.
PDFs are treated as images by most software. Extracting the data in a structured way from PDFs presents many of the same challenges as extracting it from images. We’ll go into more detail in a future article. TippleTech can surmount the challenges posed by storing data in non-text files - extracting it for your use.
By harnessing advanced data extraction techniques, TippleTech can unlock the full potential of your digital assets, transforming static resources into easily consumable, multipurpose information.
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TippleTech helps alcohol beverage companies unlock the power of their data. By enabling enhanced product reporting and improving the efficiency of its digital marketing efforts, TippleTech empowers companies to stay competitive and responsive to an ever-changing digital landscape.
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TippleTech is a data services and consulting company that specializes in solutions for a wide array of data challenges faced by alcohol beverage companies.
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